Reducing Spam - PureMessage

UH implemented PureMessage, a new spam reduction tool, on May 18th, 2005, for users of the and mail servers.

Benefits of PureMessage

  • Increased accuracy of spam detection = up to 98% reduction of spam
  • Offers user configurable options
  • Provides an additional layer of virus protection
  • More space in your mailbox - quarantined email doesn't count against your disk quota
  • Detects and blocks virus-infected email messages and attachments on their way onto the UH network

Who Is and Is Not Affected by PureMessage

  • Users of and mail servers are benefiting from the deployment of PureMessage.
  • If you currently receive email messages containing "*****SPAM*****" in your message subject line, you probably ARE affected by this deployment.
  • If you don't receive your mail on or mail servers, you ARE NOT affected by the deployment of PureMessage.
  • If your mail is redirected to other non-UH mailboxes (e.g., Yahoo or Hotmail), you ARE NOT affected by the deployment of PureMessage.

Accessing the Quarantine Site
If you would like to customize your spam management options and access your spam message quarantine, go to . Log on instructions are provided at the site.


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