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Testing Best Practices:

Lockdown Browser Installation and Setup Guide:

Blackboard Learn Videos for Students:

Creating a Blackboard Support Ticket:

Creating a Respondus Lockdown Browser Support Ticket:

Dedicated Support Chat for webcam/monitor issues in Respondus Lockdown Browser:


Most Common Issues:

  1. Lockdown Browser and Blackboard use your Cougarnet ID and password. Many students mistake this for this MyUH accounts and are unable to login. We recommend students attempt to login before their exam day, so they can ensure there is no issues logging in. If they need to retrieve their Cougarnet ID and reset the passwords, they can do so at It takes about 10 minutes for a Cougarnet password to activate after resetting.
  2. Internet instability can cause issues when taking an exam. If a connection is dropped, it may auto submit and lock a student out or submit without saving their answers. Ethernet connection is recommended, if possible. If a connection issue does occur, the student should contact their instructor immediately and submit a Blackboard support ticket so we can escalate to the Instructional Designers.
  3. When submitting a document through Turnitin, the student should always receive a confirmation receipt to their email. If they did not, the document was not properly uploaded. Students should always keep these receipts, if there is an issue with the submission, this is the only proof the document was submitted.
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