Malwarebytes Endpoint Scan

This will be walkthrough on how to perform a manual scan using the Malwarebytes Endpoint application that is installed on UH Law computer equipment. These instructions include the steps for scanning on Windows and Mac.


  1. In the bottom right of your screen near the clock, click on the up arrow to view the hidden icons.  Right click on the Malwarebytes icon to view the options. mceclip0.png
  2. Select the "Start Threat Scan" option to begin scanning. mceclip1.png
  3. The Threat scan will begin, please allow the scan to finish. mceclip2.png
  4. Once the scan is finished you will be able to see the scan results. Please notify LIT if you have any detections. mceclip3.png


  1. In the top right corner near the clock, click on the Malwarebytes icon and select "Start Threat Scan".  mceclip5.pngmceclip6.png
  2. The Threat Scan will begin running, please allow the scan to finish. mceclip7.png
  3. Once the scan is complete you will see the results of your scan, if you have any detections please notify LIT. mceclip8.png
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