E-mail accounts are created in conjunction with a Cougarnet account. Exchange e-mail accounts will be used to receive information about law center events, announcements, and communication from University Employees.

All mailboxes have a 4 GB quota of storage. Once you hit the 4 GB mark, you will receive a notification that you are close to your quota mark. Once you exceed your quota, you will not be able to send or receive messages until you bring your mailbox under 4 GB. The quota includes all folders in your mailbox: inbox, sent items, deleted items, and folders you create. Exchange e-mail accounts expire the semester after graduation. You will no longer have access to the email once it expires. Please be sure to make prior arrangements so your e-mail is not lost.

  • Log in to your web-based Law Center Exchange Mail.
  • Why do I have a UH Alias in addition to an Exchange mail? The UH e-mail alias is a service provided by UH. For Students, this is a permanent e-mail address which you keep after you leave the university. Your alias can point to any e-mail address, including your Law Center Exchange e-mail address ( You can see instruction on how to set up your e-mail alias here.
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