Multiple Method to Login to the Exchange Email

Method 1:

  • Click the link below (Office 365 website) 


  • Then enter your cougarnet password
  • Following screenshot appears after signing in

Click “Yes” only if the machine you are using is yours and you are comfortable with being signed in for future use. Else it is recommended “No” for securtiy reasons.


Method 2

  • Click the link below (Outlook Web Access)

  • Follow instructions to sign in as shown in Method 1


Method 3

  • Log into your Access UH using your CougarNet ID and CougarNet Password



  • After logged in, click on Office 365 icon




  • After clicking on the Office 365 icon, then you can click on the either of the circled sections to sign in


  • Follow instruction in Method 1 to sign in to access email
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