How to Install Zoom for MacOS Without Administrative Privileges


The following steps can used to install and update Zoom on any Mac without local administrative access permissions.


  • Download the Zoom installer at the start of any meeting. Alternatively, you can install and test ahead of time at this address
  • On the meeting start screen, click "download & run Zoom". 

Zoom meeting start page

  • You may need to find the Zoom.pkg installer if the installer doesn't automatically open. You should find it in your downloads folder. Do a search for Zoom.pkg if you have trouble finding it.
  • Double-click Zoom.pkg installer.
  • Continue clicking through the installer to the Installation Type screen. Click the Change Install Location button. 

Zoom install: change location

Select Install for me only and click Continue. Note: this is the most important step. You will not be able to update the software yourself if you choose any option other than Install for me only.

Zoom install: For me only

The installer text should read: "Click install to perform a standard installation of this software in your home folder. Only the current user of this computer will be able to use this software." Zoom install: only current user

  • Click Install. The admin password will not be required.
  • Click Close when it is done installing.


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